Assistant Sub-inspector of Police, Narayana K’s simple act of kindness

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“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – Winnie the Pooh

Its really amazing how sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness and love can touch our hearts. Ask the lady stranded alone on a deserted street at night, what it would mean to her to find help from a kind cop.

One night, on the way back home, a lady was stranded alone in a relatively deserted street of Bengaluru, when their scooter ran out of fuel. She waited alone while her husband went to buy fuel. Uncomfortable about her circumstances, she had no choice but to wait by the scooter till he returned. Fortunately, she was spotted by Assistant Sub-inspector of Police, Narayana K, who was also on his way home. He stopped and enquired if she needed help. He lended his own scooter to the lady and advised her to go to Mekhri Circle, a nearby well-lit and relatively crowded area. He also personally pushed her scooter, all the way, to the area where he had advised her to wait and waited with her till her husband returned. To show their gratitude, the couple offered the good cop a financial reward, but being the gentleman and moreover a good human, Narayana K, refused politely, saying it was his duty. However, touched by the man’s kindness and chivalry, the lady, narrated the incident in the Bengaluru traffic Police facebook page, expressing her gratitude, which has earned the Assistant Sub-inspector a reward of 15,000 rupees from the State Government. The post has also been widely circulated and liked in social media.

A small act of kindness does go a long way. It reaches depths that will always be remembered. It also becomes an inspiration for others, reminding us of our human values, values of love, kindness, respect, trust, humility. Values not defined by bank balances, values not defined by any religious, social, geographical or political borders. I salute Mr. Narayana, for holding the banner of these values high. However, I can’t help but be saddened by the fact that today we have reached a point, where such acts need to be applauded. When we as a species, defined ourselves to be humans, claiming to be the highest in the animal kingdom, weren’t these values part of it? Then why is it that we exhibit them so rarely? So rarely, that when someone along the way does what was always meant to be, he becomes a hero. Where have we lost the hero within us?

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