International Relations Theory of Balance of power in my perspective.
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The behavioral definition of power is useful to analysts and historians who devote considerable time reconstructing the past, but to politicians and leaders, it is ephemeral since the ability to control others can only happen with possession of resource such as population, territory, natural resources, economy, military and political stability. […] Read more»

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Importance of a Uniform Civil Code

A set of laws to govern personal matters of all citizens irrespective of religion is the cornerstone of true secularism. It would help end gender discrimination on religious grounds and strengthen the secular fabric.
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The recent progressive decisions of the Shani Shingnapur and Trimbakeshwar temple trusts to allow entry of women in the wake of a series of protests constitute a welcome development in what has been a long march towards gender equality. They also served to rekindle a countrywide debate on ending widespread […] Read more»

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Unite South Asia- Isolate Pakistan

The only instability in the South Asia region stems from the turmoil that Pakistan creates. We say goodbye to them and shake hands in the spirit of regionalism.
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The international isolation that Pakistan currently faces is unprecedented by most measures. Its misdeeds include its: inability to control terrorist activities both inside and outside the country; the nexus of government, intelligence, terrorists and the army; terrorist spillover to neighboring countries; army and intelligence-backed infiltration bids; and most subtly, its […] Read more»

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On Gandhi Jayanti- A critique of the so called “saint”

Joseph Lelyveld’s book Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India is testament of what wrongs Gandhi comitted and stood for without undermining all his achievements.
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Joseph Lelyveld’s book Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India does not break new ground, but the Gandhi of hagiographers takes a beating. We get reaffirmation, however, of Gandhi’s sheer presence, persistence and self-creation through self-promotion. What gets confirmed, too, is the moral ambiguity of the man who […] Read more»

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The Pak-Surgery Strikes

Is the surgical strike beneficial to India?- Most likely not.
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A surgical strike, according to a widely accepted definition, is “a military attack which results in, was intended to result in, or is claimed to have resulted in only damage to the intended legitimate military target, and no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or the general […] Read more»

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Geetanjali Babbar- The Woman With A Cause

She started to visit the brothel every day and she quit her job to give 100% of her time to do something for these women which could help them to overcome the dark and gloomy sight of their life and also to help the children to spend their childhood out of that dark and gloomy world.
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The lady who had a very innovative mind who always thought for those people who are always kept isolated from the society and treated as so called bad and nasty women who has no respect in the society. Nobody had ever thought that these people are also human and they […] Read more»

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Jingle Traffic Police

A happy traffic police officer who makes the roadways and mundane jams fun and inspiring.
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The “Super Cop” is known to be famous for his dance moves on streets and roads to maintain traffic and entertain the passer byes. A true example of LOVE WHAT YOU DO and a motivation to all of us who feel jobs are mundane. Spreading happiness is a nobility in […] Read more»

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Telephonic Cause

“Hello Seekho”- and English learning provision on a cell phone via a toll free number for the underprivelaged.
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Two Undergraduate students from Princeton University have created an easy way to learn English for free called “HELLO, SEEKHO“. All one needs to do is dial a toll free number to avail of the pre-recorded lessons on the menu. Their biggest connect in India is their own backgrounds and the […] Read more»

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Never be Scarred

The Founder of “Make Love Not Scars” herself reveals to us her nobility, cause and the enthusiasm to make the society better
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Acid throwing, also called an acid attack, a vitriol attack or vitriol age, is a form of violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid or a similarly corrosive substance onto the body of another “with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill.”Perpetrators of these attacks throw acid at their victims, […] Read more»