Anil Valiv’s Positive Approach to help Positive Patients through PositiveSaathi

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Despite global initiatives to spread awareness and the discovery of antiretroviral therapies, stigma against HIV-infected patients is still prevalent among many countries. It has been associated with death, personal irresponsibility and more prevalently with certain behaviors or practices, such as homosexuality, drug use, infidelity, prostitution, that are not approved in […] Read more»

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Leaky roofs, no toilets- student’s nightmare!

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Sehore, Madhya Pradesh: Built before 1930, a crumbling school structure lies neglected in Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh. For the 329 students studying at Tagore Middle School, there are no benches and the students attend the class sitting on floors underneath leaking roofs. The district education department passes off this basic […] Read more»

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Dead persons paid wages for plantation in Bhandara

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If payment vouchers from the forest department are anything to go by, not only are the dead turning up to engage in soil conservation, trench digging and related works in Bhandara division, but they are also being paid lakhs in public money. Bhandara range forest officer (RFO) Sanjay Meshram, who was suspended […] Read more»

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My rendezvous with vulnerability

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Recently, as part of a corporate learning and development initiative, I was asked to attend a training program which required me to submit a 360° feedback from my colleagues which included my team, stakeholders and reporting managers. They would need to provide their feedback on me and it would be […] Read more»

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