The baby and the Not-so-big fat Indian Wedding

A unique adoption of a baby with Down’s syndroms by a man who even invited 10,000 homeless people to his marriage
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Aditya Tiwari is a unique man in becoming the youngest single father in India. He hails from Indore and is a software engineer. He made headlines in January this year when he adopted a child affected by Down’s syndrome and also has a hole in his heart. The process of adoption was tough to say the least. Legally, the minimum age for adoption in India was 30 back then. Aditya, aged 28 at the time of filing the application for adoption, did not give up. He took up the matter with Women and Child Welfare Department (WDC) minister, Maneka Gandhi and Prime Minister’s Office and requested for help in adoption.

Aditya had to wait for months before the minimum age of the parent applying for adoption was reduced to 25 years in 2015. Aditya was allowed to adopt Binny from an orphanage of the Missionaries of Charity in December, 2015, and the legal formalities were over in January, 2016. Thus, he became India’s youngest single father under whose choice Binny, the child was rechristened to Avneesh Tiwari.

He was initially looked down by society as a single father who wouldn’t be able to get a girl and also harassed him. However, Aditya believes that Avneesh is a special child. He only has a genetic disorder, that is, Down’s syndrome and a hole in his heart. People had cautioned him that he would not be able to manage his special medical condition, but he knew what he wanted to do so he went ahead and adopted him.

“I took him to a pediatrician who said we might not require an immediate surgery for the hole in his heart. As far as Down’s syndrome goes, I have read up about it and consulted doctors. I know my son’s mental growth will be slow but unlike his biological parents, I won’t give up,”

Seven months hence, on 16th July, Aditya got married – just like his adoption, his marriage also stands out! His wedding was attended by more than 10000 people. Around 10000 of them were homeless, aged people and orphans whom nobody invites to a wedding. These people have nobody to call them their own. Apart from them were his close family members. Besides, over 1000 animals from a nearby zoo and stray dogs also attended. The marriage was not a gala event accompanied with a DJ or a band.  All the guests were served simple meals – there was no lavish menu. In the meantime, more than a hundred trees were planted as part of the festivities.

Such a great example to all those who believe in the Big Fat Indian Weddings and splurge their money that can be used for inclusiveness of society. iDishoom is proud to say that this man is a trendsetter and hopefully many more people will take this as a pure gesture of humanity.


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