Bhutan: Going negative the positive way

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A true example of walk the talk, Bhutan has been an inspiration to the world. It has prioritized happiness over economic growth and set a benchmark for environmental preservation. Today, as the world debates and struggles to balance growth, development, energy requirements and their negative effects on our environment, this […] Read more»

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Mamma’s Special Princess of Melodies

Benzy Kumar and Kavita Kumar
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Itti Si hasi; Itti si khushi Itta sa tukda chand ka Khwabon ke, tinko se Chal banayein Aashiyaan -Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire from the movie Barfi (one of Benzy’s favourite songs)   “Music is in itself healing”, said Billy Joel, the famous American pianist, songwriter and composer. And Benzy Kumar […] Read more»

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