Anil Valiv’s Positive Approach to help Positive Patients through PositiveSaathi

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Despite global initiatives to spread awareness and the discovery of antiretroviral therapies, stigma against HIV-infected patients is still prevalent among many countries. It has been associated with death, personal irresponsibility and more prevalently with certain behaviors or practices, such as homosexuality, drug use, infidelity, prostitution, that are not approved in […] Read more»

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Unite South Asia- Isolate Pakistan

The only instability in the South Asia region stems from the turmoil that Pakistan creates. We say goodbye to them and shake hands in the spirit of regionalism.
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The international isolation that Pakistan currently faces is unprecedented by most measures. Its misdeeds include its: inability to control terrorist activities both inside and outside the country; the nexus of government, intelligence, terrorists and the army; terrorist spillover to neighboring countries; army and intelligence-backed infiltration bids; and most subtly, its […] Read more»

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