Leaky roofs, no toilets- student’s nightmare!

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Sehore, Madhya Pradesh: Built before 1930, a crumbling school structure lies neglected in Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh. For the 329 students studying at Tagore Middle School, there are no benches and the students attend the class sitting on floors underneath leaking roofs. The district education department passes off this basic […] Read more»

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Dead persons paid wages for plantation in Bhandara

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If payment vouchers from the forest department are anything to go by, not only are the dead turning up to engage in soil conservation, trench digging and related works in Bhandara division, but they are also being paid lakhs in public money. Bhandara range forest officer (RFO) Sanjay Meshram, who was suspended […] Read more»

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Accused of being a Naxalite? Check for lactating mothers by squeezing their breasts!!

Horror stories of women abuse in Bastar
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Bent backs glisten in the noonday sun, with nothing but a sari wrapped around their waist and over their breasts to shield them from its blazing heat. The women are out, collecting firewood, tending to the fields, or doing the weekly marketing at the local haat (market) that sells everything […] Read more»

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Importance of a Uniform Civil Code

A set of laws to govern personal matters of all citizens irrespective of religion is the cornerstone of true secularism. It would help end gender discrimination on religious grounds and strengthen the secular fabric.
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The recent progressive decisions of the Shani Shingnapur and Trimbakeshwar temple trusts to allow entry of women in the wake of a series of protests constitute a welcome development in what has been a long march towards gender equality. They also served to rekindle a countrywide debate on ending widespread […] Read more»

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The Pak-Surgery Strikes

Is the surgical strike beneficial to India?- Most likely not.
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A surgical strike, according to a widely accepted definition, is “a military attack which results in, was intended to result in, or is claimed to have resulted in only damage to the intended legitimate military target, and no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or the general […] Read more»

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The Sultan of Acquittal for he is Human

The real Buck stops here when Salman Khan by virtue of being VIP gets away with murder of a voiceless innocent being since it isnt Human. It is sad that we live in a state of affairs where the only words that come out from any body’s mouth after hearing the verdict of acquittal are “What The Buck!?”
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No one killed the people on the footpath, no one killed the Black Bucks, They just disappeared. Salman Khan can stop “Being Human” now since he has no facade to put up and nothing to be scared of anymore. The Judiciary’s order of acquittal first on the Hit and run […] Read more»

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