Who was the famous “Rs 20 Doctor”

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When we think about helping the people in need, we usually don’t know from where to start. We have good intentions for the world, but we’re not motivated enough to change those intentions into actions. Maybe because our comfort zone is too comfortable and who would want to get out of it? The story of Dr. V Balasubramanian of Coimbatore, the Rs 20 doctor, shows us that being a human, we already have all the means and qualifications to help the needy if we really want to.

God has given me sufficient money to take care of myself. I’m helping the sick and weak to recover their health. Let God do the rest of the work.

Dr. V Balasubramanian was a physician, who had come to be known by the moniker “Rs 20 doctor” as he only charged Rs 20 to treat his patients, which sometimes also included a dose of injections or tablets. If one-time consultation didn’t work and the patient had to go back to him again, he wouldn’t take more money from them.

He didn’t care about time. If anyone knocks his clinic door even at midnight, he’ll never turn them back”, Arun, a patient of Dr Balasubramanian told India Today.

Dr Balasubramanian worked as a Medical Officer in the Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) . He would establish a private clinic, wherever he got transferred, and treat people at a minimal consultation fee, which used to be as low as Rs 2, and was increased gradually up to Rs 20.

He settled down in Coimbatore seven years ago and the clinic became his full-time practice. It would be open from 8.30 am to 10 pm. On an average about 150-200 patients would visit his clinic in a day.


The benevolent Dr. V Balasubramanian passed away on 18th Nov, 2016. Thousands of people gathered to offer their last homage to this great humanitarian. They lighted candles and offered prayers before a portrait of the doctor.

People say doctors are the representatives of God on Earth. This proverb may not be applied to every doctor, but Dr. V Balasubramanian was one such deiform. He showed the world that any profession can be made noble if it promotes life and ignites a flicker of hope for a better tomorrow in the hearts of the people.


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