Geetanjali Babbar- The Woman With A Cause

She started to visit the brothel every day and she quit her job to give 100% of her time to do something for these women which could help them to overcome the dark and gloomy sight of their life and also to help the children to spend their childhood out of that dark and gloomy world.
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The lady who had a very innovative mind who always thought for those people who are always kept isolated from the society and treated as so called bad and nasty women who has no respect in the society. Nobody had ever thought that these people are also human and they are also made up of flesh and blood just like other human beings they too have feelings and they also has the right to live in this society with dignity. The highly educated woman who refused many kinds of job offers only to take up the opportunity to do something for the women of this deprived class.

Since many years she had always thought deeply about these woman and felt their pain of being deprived from this society and always wanted to do something for them and always treated them as normal people and thought of them as her extended family member she always protested the area where they lived to be called as red light area as she hated them calling eunuchs, sex worker, prostitute, whore and many more. She and her organization is working day and night for improving the condition of these woman and felt their pain and the hard life they are living.

Geetanjali Babbar is now a well known name to the residents of G.B. Road in Delhi it is a place which is home to around 78 brothels, 4100 women and 1565 children and thus it is considered as the biggest red light area of New Delhi. Geetanjali Babbar who belongs to a very educated background being a graduate in journalism and a post graduate in development communications she refused many high paying job offers only to be successful in her mission of improving the condition of the sex workers of GB road Delhi. During her college days she was involved in working with National Aids Control Organization where she got a chance to mingle with some of the eunuchs, it was at of that time when she visited GB Road red light area for the first time and she came to know about the real truth of this dark world. By talking to the women she realized that how these people are tortured and forced for sex and have to serve 20-45 customers per day. These women always look for some people with whom they can talk open minded manner rather than always listening to the advice given them about safe sex.

Gitanjali did that and stand by the side of these women and tried to give them a better life and provide their children a healthy environment to grow up. Her organization is successfully encouraging several GB road sex workers to help them in leading a mainstream life by giving them training in creating embroidery work, painting, stitching and many more handicrafts work and giving a new dimension to their life, today her organization is successfully working for 3600-4000 sex worker and giving them a new way of living. Her organization Kat-katha is successful in arranging 12 intended teachers from reputed colleges for giving training to those sex workers and the organization is looking after 10-12 brothels and had given training to 3 women who are successfully working as tailors along with them 26 sex workers and 21 children are getting education with the help of Kat-katha . It gives an intense pain to Geetanjali when she came close to those sex workers of G.B. Road she confronted the fact that each and every women and their children are immensely talented in different field but their talent never came forward until Geetanjali gave them the opportunity to bring their talent forward.

While working for other organization and visiting several brothels for giving them advice of using contraceptives and condoms but at some point of time she felt that she has no right to ask questions about their personal and private life and rather she felt like talking to them normally like a friend which would help them to give a warm feeling. But observing their condition and looking at them closely she realized the fact that they need someone who would help them to give a break from their regular painful life. This was the time when Gitanjali thought of doing something for these woman which will give them a good time to spend, then she and her friend started to visit each and every brothel and she realised that every woman is waiting for some true love and giving advices is not enough for them. Then she started to spend some more time in these places talking to those women and knowing about their life and destiny which brought them to this place. Then one day when Geetanjali went to ask them some questions for her job and then one of the sex worker directly asked question that whether she had any boyfriend or not she was surprised and kept shut and this was the time when they told her that if you being a journalist can ask us personal questions then why can’t you answer this simple question. This was the time when Gitanjali realised that what she doing is wrong she has no right to ask any kind of private question when she herself is incapable of answering those, so she realised the fact that going to them and asking these kind of question and showing them on media will never prove helpful to them and made Gitanjali confront the fact that she needs to do something which will make them feel special.

She started to visit the brothel every day and she quit her job to give 100% of her time to do something for these women which could help them to overcome the dark and gloomy sight of their life and also to help the children to spend their childhood out of that dark and gloomy world.



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