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iDishoom, since inception has raised moneys for several Campaigns. iDishoom support everyone who can make change. iDishoom education for children, life support and has also crowd-sourced funds for the first crowd-sourced mainstream Bollywood movie “I AM”.

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iDishoom has:

-Raised over 3 lakhs for the education of 2 poor children from rural Mahrashtra.

– Raised over Rs. 12 lakhs for a person living with disability who has been abandoned by her family since 2013.

– Raised funding for the Movie “I AM” … and many more such appeals have been successfully fulfilled.

Current Campaign

Kranti-kari Shweta needs your help!

Kranti-kari Shweta needs your help! The daughter of a former sex worker from the red light district of Mumbai, Kamathipura who went on to do well and got admission in Bard College in New York on full scholarship to make India proud….(Click to read more)