i3D Citizen Appeals

iDishoom, since inception has raised moneys for several citizens to support them with funds to cope with their hospitalization bills for treatment of their critical illness, education for children, life support and has also crowd-sourced funds for the first crowd-sourced mainstream Bollywood movie “I AM”.

Impact (Indicative list)

– Raised Money (Rs.2.5 lakhs) for Ms. Stella Baptista in 2006 to pay her hospital bills.

– Raised over Rs. 6 lakhs for a child who had cancer in 2007.

– Raised over Rs. 25 lakhs for Mr. Raktim Mukhopadhyay for treating his prostate cancer since 2009 till date.

– Raised over 3 lakhs for the education of 2 poor children from rural Mahrashtra.

– Raised over 50 lakhs for the cardiac surgery of Mr. Subhankar Dhar Choudhury

– Raised over Rs. 12 lakhs for a person living with disability who has been abandoned by her family since 2013.

– Raised funding for the Movie “I AM” … and many more such appeals have been successfully fulfilled.