Kranti-kari Shweta!

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Kranti which means revolution, is something Indians love. We got independence as a result of a country wide revolution.

One such Kranti caught the eye of Shweta Katti. All she wanted was to get out of Kamathipura, the red light district of Mumbai where she grew up. Her mother, a sex worker at a brothel in that area. Growing up, there were several problems. The atmosphere is hostile; drunken rowdy men looking for sex is never a good environment for a child. There were no avenues for education, or to nurture any co-curricular activites. Her self esteem hit a new low, when she was abused for her complexion and looks. The young girl was also subjected to gross sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather.


But that’s where she grew up, and the women around were her family. They all stood by each other in tough times and helped each other whenever they needed. Cue enter, Kranti, an NGO who’s mission is to empower girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. The NGO picked Shweta and her friends and moved them to a better 3 bedroom apartment in Kandivali, where they were put in school, educated and taken out for plays, movies and other activities.

After she graduated school, Kranti started sending applications to colleges abroad, and she got accepted to Bard College, New York with full scholarship.



Now, the undergraduate student has taken an year off to do an social entrepreneurship course and plans to fulfil her dream of opening a cafe and community centre in Kamathipura to secure the future of many young children who are still living in that area.

She requires $7500 to fund her course and only 8 days are left to apply for the course. She has applied to Watson College in London. You can contribute here-


Team iDishoom stand for her strong females like her who have risen from slums and prostitution centres to do well and establish India at the global level.

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