Meet Tejinder Pal Singh. Teaching religion with his actions.

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Religion has always been one of the most controversial issues in every part of the world. People commit abominations to protect their definitions of their religions. They spread hate and despair in the society. But then there are people, who think that humanity is the only definition of religion and love, it’s only law. Tejinder Pal Singh belongs to the latter category.

Singh, an Indian who resides in Australia, works by day as an air conditioner mechanic and by night as a taxi driver. Despite his busy life, he manages to find time to give back to the community, in the form of a monthly food drive, in which he feeds up to 100 homeless people.


Alongside his young son Navdeep, he dedicates the last Sunday of every month to distributing vegetarian meals to the hungry, no matter what class or race. After finishing his taxi shift in the early hours of the morning, he cooks up 30 kg of Indian cuisine to feed the poor people in Darwin. This means his food drive is often completed on little sleep but the act of giving he says, gives him the energy to continue. He has been doing it for the last four years.

I do something for homeless people, so they get more energy, so they’re happy. My religion says 10 per cent of income goes toward needy and poor people — no matter (whether) they belong to your religion or any religion. – Singh

He has been serving the Darwin Community for the last four years. He was named the ‘Australian of the Day‘ in 2015 for his selfless acts of giving. The van, the pots, anyone can use them, it’s for mankind, says Singh.


He says no to any monetary offers from supporters and instead encourages others to begin their own food drives within their local community.

It’s the people like Singh, who give hope to humanity. They inspire us to become something more than just a reflection of our ego and selfishness. They help us getting in touch with our divine side, thereby teaching us the true meaning of religion.

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