Mr Karan Johar — A Hypocrite

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30 days after his tireless support for Pakistani artists, and just a week before his film release, as the call by nationalists for boycotting his film gains momentum, Karan Johar, with tears in his eyes, appears on TV, assuring that he will never support Pakistani artists again, and pleads us to watch his film. To add to the “awwww” quotient, he points out that more than 300 workers from the film industry have put their sweat & blood into making this movie and boycotting this movie might affect their lives.

Who cares? Going by that logic, Samsung must have now been pleading to us to avoid boycotting the self-explosive Galaxy Note 7, because thousands of Indian engineers have put their sweat & blood into making that phone. Going by that logic, Ratan Tata should have been pleading people to buy Tata Nano throughout the last decade (when people were avoiding it due to reports of fire), by pointing out that years of hard work had gone into it.

Mr Karan, this is business, not charity. Those 300 workers who put their sweat & blood for your movie, have already got their salaries. (I assume you have professional ethics & you have already paid them salaries for their efforts). So, any money inflow through the movie, is actually to fill your own coffers. Anyway, for the sake of the argument, let’s assume the future of those 300 workers depend on the success of your film. Then let me remind you, that the song of “intolerance” which was played like a broken tape by your Bollywood fraternity last year, had affected the lives of lakhs of people who were directly & indirectly related to the tourism industry.

So, when you guys never cared about the repercussions of your fake, propagandic “intolerance debate” and the negative effect it could have had on the livelihood of lakhs of workers in the tourism industry, then you have no moral rights to plead us to support workers of your Bollywood industry, which anyway is funded by Dawood to subtly propagate terrorist “values” and Jihadi mindset (anti-army) among youngsters in India.

Come to your senses. Be Indian Be Proud .The country will not literate hypocrites.

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