Not so poor- Burhan Vani

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When Burhan Vani was killed by the Indian security forces, Barkha Dutt was the first one to Tweet about him. And the Tweet was more for gaining the sympathy for the terrorist who was the commander in chief of Hizbul Mujahideen. Interestingly Barkha Dutt who never knew how well equipped is the family of “PV Sindhu or Sakshi Malik”, knew that this dreaded terrorist is from the family of a Poor headmaster.

But now lets expose this claim of “School headmaster” adjective which was used by Barkha to show Burhan as a person who was poor and did not have means to live a lavish life.

This is Burhan Vani’s home and his father is living in this home now which spreads in a few Acres. The area in front of the build up area is enough to accommodate 100s of Slum people.Also this poor headmaster just own 4 cars and few acres of land as told to us by sources. But this is not it. Lets watch this poor headmaster’s second home:

It is bigger and better.

And i do not feel that one of the biggest journo in India whom we proudly call Presstitute- Barkha Dutt did not know about all this.

Some responsible journalism is the need of the hour and irresponsible journalist and that too senior ones need to be held responsible legally for such misguidance of the Indian public which has given them the stature that they enjoy along with all the trappings of being a member of the elite press club which by the way they flaunt and misuse at every step of the way for personal benefits.

It is such irresponsible journalism which is causing so much of pain and suffering for the common Man in Kashmir and such hardships for the security forces who have no way to vent their frustration.

It’s time that the Indian public and the legal system see through such people and threat they are not allowed to hold country to ransom for their personal benefits.

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