Parasites — Congress Party – India’s Bane

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Heard this parasites called Rahul Gandhi calling Modi a Khoon ka dalal and a person who is hiding behind the sacrifice of the soldiers…. Seems he and congress are in a state of shock over the 1st ever Surgical Strike carried out by our Army, which is indicative of the political will displayed by NaMo. I Never thought he and congress can stoop so low to counter any perceived advantage BJP & allies may gain in UP elections.
He goes on to advise NaMo to be the prime minister that he is suppose to be by taking care of Kisans and to give higher salaries to armed forces in 7th CPC…. What an irony, and indeed it’s the joke of the century…. His own great grandfather, grand mother, father and his own mother’s puppet are responsible for the systematic degradation of the Fauz… All pay commissions, except 7 th, have been constituted and approved by the governments of Congress ruled by his family.
Interesting….. This incorrigible idiot and his Mafioso mother are indeed bad, very bad losers…. It is his party that is responsible for the huge pile of shit this country is including the Kashmir tangle and systematic degradation of armed forces….

Let’s kick these parasites so hard that they never ever be able to rear their heads (filled with evil anti India designs).

It is high time that any one without national interest making loose or derogatory statements about the country should be held for High Treason and put into Jail.

Politicians beware for the Indian Public is not going to accept such talk and activity. The country is great and it has been the cradle of civilisation and culture a path setter our forefathers were. But for the politicians of today.
Ladies and Gents beware for we the people of India will not spare you any further . India will once again take up its Position in the world as a Beacon of stability and progression in a darkening world . The future is bleak and the path is treacherous but then we shall persevere for we have the wisdom and the guidance of our forefathers.


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