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Please allow Muslims of India to follow the triple talaaq system as prescribed by sharia , and just pass a law that all Muslim criminals will be punished according to law of sharia. All Muslims arrested will not be prosecuted under Indian penal code but they will be tried by a sharia court separately conceived by state and central govt.

Each state each city each district should have a sharia law centre that’s a court with its head judge appointed by the concerned state . All Muslims arrested for any crime should be presented in such courts and punished according to sharia at that very moment of crime without any delay e.g. a rapist should be buried half in the mud and stoned by public to death . A thief should have his hands amputated there on the crime scene itself . A murderer should be hanged publicly on a tree  and henceforth .

All Muslim bank accounts should be made interest free that’s they should not receive any interest on deposits according to sharia.

All hujj subsidies should be abolished according to sharia .

All muslim men should be debarred from using alcohol and tobacco products . They should not be allowed in music concerts , theaters and debarred from any means of recreation or entertainment .

Why follow sharia with a half heart ?

Let’s make them follow it with full support .

Those who don’t follow sharia should be lashed 100 times and then let off .
Of course Hindus can follow the rule of land as we don’t have any problem with our marriage act or any other law .
Thanking you

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