Rise All Indians and Be Proud to Be Indian

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Politicians of all hues beware for the Indian Public is not going to accept any more such talk and activity. The country is great and it has been the cradle of civilisation and culture – path setters, thinkers our forefathers were who gave us our uniqueness and the world it’s basis of development .

But for the politicians of today we would have continued to be the greatest nation in the world and would have continued to Guide the world .

Ladies and Gents of the Political fraternity beware for we the people of India will not spare you any further . India will once again take up its Position in the world as a Beacon of stability and progression in a darkening world . The future is bleak and the path is treacherous but then we shall persevere for we have the wisdom and the guidance of our forefathers to guide us and we have the resilience to be able to overcome the scum like you to once again be Proud to be Indian.

Do not come in the path of a resurgent India and the Pride of the Indian that we now once again feel in being Indian

Come All Indians Be Proud and Hold Your Head High . We were there as a developed and cultured nation when the savages ruled the world and We shall be there to Guide the world Into the future .


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