Sarabjeet Singh – Selflessly Serving the Living and the Dead

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

This is a heartwarming story of Sarabjeet Singh, who, through his work, is showing the world what one inspired individual can achieve when he sets his mind to do it.

Popularly known as ‘Bobby bhai’, Sarabjeet Singh has been working selflessly to serve the people of Shimla for several years now.

It all started twelve years back when Singh used to volunteer with the local gurudwara and help them organise blood donation camps. Over time, the gurudwara gradually stopped organising blood donation camps. However, he decided to continue organising camps on his own. He has collected over 20,000 units of blood for Shimla’s hospitals.

“Garib ka muh, bhagwan ka gullak hota hai”, says Singh.

For the past eight years, Bobby ji has also been running a free 24×7 funeral van service free of cost for the poor, to help the dead in their final journey. He started this service when even paid drivers were not keen on doing it. He also transports unclaimed bodies at the hospital mortuaries, for the last rites by the Shimla Municipal Corporation.

Till date, I have ferried more than 5,000 bodies. – Bobby Ji

In 2014, under the banner of his NGO,  Almighty Blessings, Singh started a free canteen for poor patients and their attendants at Shimla’s only cancer hospital. He also started five Chapati banks to collect fresh chapattis everyday (from volunteer families who make 10 chapattis each) and to serve the poor.

Singh earns his bread and butter through his shoe business which, he says is enough for his family, who he considers the pillars of support for his philanthropic ventures.

At the age of 40, when most people his age are busy eking out a living for themselves and their families, Singh is working untiringly for a family which extends beyond his wife and kids to include all those who need his help, either living or dead.


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