Telephonic Cause

“Hello Seekho”- and English learning provision on a cell phone via a toll free number for the underprivelaged.
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Two Undergraduate students from Princeton University have created an easy way to learn English for free called “HELLO, SEEKHO“. All one needs to do is dial a toll free number to avail of the pre-recorded lessons on the menu. Their biggest connect in India is their own backgrounds and the […] Read more»

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It’s not a Man’s World

From babies to boardrooms, today’s women can juggle several roles with panache. But there are some women who do more than this, going beyond the challenges of their personal lives to be of service to a larger cause. The story of Seema Rao is one such example.
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A 7th-degree black belt holder in military martial arts, Seema Rao is India’s only female commando trainer. A prominent expert in close quarter battle, Seema has been giving commando training to various armed forces in India for 20 years, without taking any monetary compensation in return! Seema is also a […] Read more»

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