Manasi Pradhan: Odisha’s daughter

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Hailing from an extremely remote village named Ayatapur, in Khurdha district of Odisha, the journey of Manasi Pradhan is a tale of immense struggle and undaunted spirit in the face of mountain-like odds. Resolute to porve herself, she walked over 15kms daily by foot, amidst hilly terrain and swamps, to […] Read more»

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Geetanjali Babbar- The Woman With A Cause

She started to visit the brothel every day and she quit her job to give 100% of her time to do something for these women which could help them to overcome the dark and gloomy sight of their life and also to help the children to spend their childhood out of that dark and gloomy world.
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The lady who had a very innovative mind who always thought for those people who are always kept isolated from the society and treated as so called bad and nasty women who has no respect in the society. Nobody had ever thought that these people are also human and they […] Read more»

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