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“Hello Seekho”- and English learning provision on a cell phone via a toll free number for the underprivelaged.
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Two Undergraduate students from Princeton University have created an easy way to learn English for free called “HELLO, SEEKHO“. All one needs to do is dial a toll free number to avail of the pre-recorded lessons on the menu. Their biggest connect in India is their own backgrounds and the kind of places they have seen with children who want to learn but cannot. Since, English is an imperative language across the globe, their noble idea has helped so many.

900 Million people in India own and know how to operate on basic phones which is the reason that their social campaign is so highly receptive to all strata of the Indian society. An eight-year-old in West Delhi eagerly waits for her auto-driver father to get home so she can start her daily English lessons. In Mumbai, a school-dropout squeezes in his English lessons between waiting tables at a popular eatery. A busy cab driver takes a break from zooming across the streets of the capital to complete his lesson for the day over a steaming cup of tea. Three school-going brothers in Dharavi huddle around their mother’s phone, all ready to master the English language. To these and hundreds of others in Delhi and Mumbai, their new English teacher is their mobile phone, thanks to Hello, Seekho.

Learn English on Phone

“There are so many kids in India right now who are first generation learners and who just don’t have the resources so many of us grew up with. We are trying to supplement their school learning. It is great if we are their primary method of learning, but our main goal is to help these kids stay in school,”

Vaasvi Goyal, explaining the inspiration behind the initiative.

The response for this initiative has been phenomenal wherein people aged from grade 3 to 9 have been the most avid ones.


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