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We always wait for that “right” time. We need that best case scenario to do something especially when it is not about us. The Bag Ladies of Tennessee are an example of those very few who create the right time and circumstances themselves and turn their intentions into actions.

A group of Tennessee women who call themselves “The Bag Ladies” has found a rather thoughtful way to help the homeless and save the environment at the same time. They are collecting plastic bags and turning them into sleeping mats for the homeless to sleep on.

“This is not young ladies doing this. This is older ladies with the arthritis,” said Janice Akin.


The women, who are mostly elderly members of Second Baptist Church, get together every single week to work their arthritis-ridden fingers and cut the bags into strips that they call “plarn”, instead of yarn and then they crochet the “plarn” into mats.

“It’s addictive. It gets to the point that you do two or three and you say, ‘Hey, I’m actually making a difference in someone’s life,’ and you want to do more,” said Akin.

Each mat requires intricate work. It takes 600 bags to make an 18 square foot mat. They have used 52,000 bags to make 88 mats so far, this year.

The group of  the bag ladies has doubled in size since they met for the first time less than two years ago.

With their outside of the box thinking, The Bag Ladies are making lives of many, a little comfortable   and also hoping to put a stop to the plastic bag problem the city of Dallas has been facing for several years now.

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