Child abuse is NOT okay!

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Children getting hit. No big deal eh? Then why does this video of an innocent child being tortured, hurt you somewhere?

Because, we’ve all been there. We’ve been hit, because in Indian traditions, it is normal to hit children on account of “love”.

We all remember the pain, the threat that we’ve been through. The video is ghastly, to be honest. While some people think it’s cute, one should also take into account the trauma that a young mind can take in due to such episodes.

So why just shrug at this video and say child abuse is okay? It’s not.

The video has gone viral, with many popular people such as Dia Mirza and Shikhar Dhawan sharing the disgusting clip on their social media handles.

If we really want to make a change, getting a hold of people who perform such atrocious stunts just to garner views is important. Abusing is not right, and it’s much worse in case of children.

Yes, sharing the video is key, despite it’s horrific nature, because it helps in the identification of the child and the abuser.

The norm is to condemn such a video, be sad about it for roughly 2 minutes and let it go. But let this change from today onward, because it’s simply something the future of this country doesn’t deserve. Children around the world learn and grow up without being smacked for every little mistake and they turn out to be fine, so why not Indian children?

So let’s get the truth out, find the culprit and stop living in a world where child abuse is normal. Let’s condemn it to the core, to sniff out the abusers that hide in every house and make this country a better example to the world.


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